The corporate purpose of CONSORZIO STABILE EBG is to tender for public contracts, exploiting the potential of the SOA certificate as well as years of experience gained in the sector, where its resolve, effectiveness and efficiency set it apart. CONSORZIO STABILE EBG’s method of operation is as follows: tendering for contracts in the name of and on behalf of member companies or in reliance on the capacities of other entities, without any limitations, identified directly or indicated by members with the latter carrying out all the standard preliminary procedures (inspection, development and working out of discount bids, preparation of the tender applications, presentation of performance bonds, C.A.R. policies, etc.). The resulting documentation is then submitted to the consortium, which, with the signature of the Chairman of the BoD or his Agent with Limited Authority on the remaining documents, affixes the seals and arranges for everything to be sent off. The Consortium also makes working know-how available to the member companies.

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